We add experience to your story

This is what we do

We add experience to your processes in order to...

your employees

We provide you with standard or customized, future-ready solutions to train your employees in your new processes, internal working and procedures. The solutions grow with your business and keep you informed about the progress.

your leads

Together with your marketing and sales we define which of our components are best used, connected and configured in order to maximize the collection of new leads which are then stored in a back-end system to be used for you.

your prospects

We help you to inform your prospects about your story, services and product information. We tune our solutions so they are approached in a fun, immersive and visual appealing way. They become nicely informed new customers.

your clients

Whether they buy your products, want to learn about your processes or are eager to experience specific situations, we make sure your clients are all educated in the nuances of your story. They then become your ambassadors.

We like to share
our passion of games and graphic design
to enhance your business!

This is how we do it


Your product or service becomes a fun and interactive game mechanic. By playing with your product, your target audience becomes more familiar with your brand or the product's features. Gameplay, graphic style and game features are chosen well in order to match with your project's desired outcome.


We transform the story of your organization, product or service into visually pleasing and engaging animation videos. The animation and graphic style is chosen based on your target audience. 2D and 3D animation are created for TV commercials, web videos, music clips, internal and external communications.


Inform and engage your target audience with a personalized message. Add recognizable images to your story. You can choose between different graphic styles. Personalize your content with a unique character or object. We design it either in 2D or 3D so it can later on be used in an animation or game if wanted.

Our Products


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Bijster Solution videos
Betcenter EK 2016 Game
Uitgeverij Averbode De Rode Matroos
Sandtimer Alarm!
Research Centre Safety animation videos
Corda Incubator Location signs
SmartLog Robot characters

We do it now 'cause...

Our Team

We have fun in creating games, animations and visual appealing design that serve a practical purpose for your business.

Van Geirt

Tech director & programmer


Creative director & sales


2D artist
Concept & 2D art


Technical artist
Programming & animation


3D artist
Modelling & animation


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